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Missional Communities

A missional community is an extended family of disciples (15-40 people) that live on mission together for a specific neighborhood or network. Practically speaking, that means gathering on a regular basis to:

  • Enjoy relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit,

  • Embody that relationship to one another, and

  • Extend the life and love of that relationship to those we are being sent to.

Missional communities are a place for us to experience belonging and becoming. No one should follow Jesus on their own. We all need community to be the people God created us to be. To learn more about our approach to missional communities, click here.

Right now, as a start up church, our missional community is focused on southeast Nashville and Antioch area. As we go out, we are praying for God to lead us to a more specific group to serve within this area.  

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