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Tim Catchim OneLife Nashville Founder Team Antioch, Tennessee

Tim Catchim 

Co-Founder & Team Leader  

Tiffany Catchim OneLife Nashville Founder Team Antioch, Tennessee

Tiffany Catchim 

Co-Founder & Team Advocate  

Tim was raised in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He has a passion for helping people find and fulfill their callings in the kingdom. To help people do this, he co-authored The Permanent Revolution with Alan Hirsch, a book that helps people discover and develop the fivefold giftings of apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers in personal and organizational settings.


Being an author has opened doors for Tim to coach and consult leaders on how to be more movemental in their approach to discipleship, community, and mission. Now, after an extended season of investing in other leaders, God has called him to re-enter the field and be the change he wants to see. Tim enjoys basketball, reading, and a good conversation on all things agile and innovation. 

As Team Leader, Tim oversees the entrepreneurial task of designing and developing a new community. 

Tiffany grew up in Montgomery, AL where she was actively involved in mentoring teenagers and adults in under-resourced urban neighborhoods. After receiving her degree in social work, she began focusing her experience and training around ministering and empowering women in their callings.

She is passionate about connecting people to God in a real way, desiring for others to know who he truly is and who they are in relation to him.  She also likes to support efforts related to social justice and sustainability. Before moving to Nashville, she served as a mentor for young pregnant moms while running her start-up business called GreenHouse: Natural Products, Healthy People. Tiffany enjoys outdoor activities, all types of music, and photographing nature.

Tiffany fills the role of Team Advocate and focuses on intercessory prayer, administration, and caring for our spiritual and physical vitality. 

Tim and Tiffany value leading together as a team and, after 19 years of marriage, have learned how to draw from each others unique giftings to meet the diverse challenges of pioneering leadership. 

Dustin Burrum OneLife Nashville Team Antioch, Tennessee

Dustin Burrum

Connections & Communications

Dustin was born and raised in the Nashville/Antioch Tennessee area. He came to know and follow his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at the age of 17. He’s an outgoing evangelist who loves interacting with people, spending time with God, giving out tracts and Bibles, and helping people in any way so they can get to know Jesus. 

Dustin has battled through a lot of things in his life, but he knows that God has brought him through each one so he can help others know that God is there to help them, too. Dustin wants everyone to know that Jesus loves them, and that Jesus wants to build an amazing relationship with them, and live with them forever. He enjoys bowling, watching sports, singing, dancing, writing music and poetry, hanging out, and going on adventures.

Dustin leads our Connections and Communications ministry and focuses on sharing the good news of Jesus, promoting OneLife activities, and creating connections between our church and the community. 

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