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Our values are like the rudder on a ship.

As we navigate through uncharted waters,

they will help us stay on course and pursue the vision.

The good news that God reigns, in Jesus, through his incarnation, life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension, by the power of the Holy Spirit.



The relational process of being supported and stretched to become more like Jesus.


A rugged faithfulness to walk with one another through highs and lows in a shared rhythm of life.  


Each one of us has been uniquely gifted by Christ with a fivefold ministry, and can be naturally supernatural with the gifts of the Spirit. Everyone gets to play.


The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit send us into the world to participate in their mission of renewing all things.


In order to reach people no one is reaching, we will have to do things no one is doing, and go places no one is going.


God in his very nature is a servant, and he calls us to participate with him in serving people at their point of need.


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