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Being SHAPED by God's Word

Have you been struggling with knowing how to read the Bible in a way that is life giving and personal?

Here's a tool that we recently used in our gathering to help us connect with God through the Bible. We used Ephesians 1:3-6 if you want to start with that and give it a try!

Connecting with God through Scripture

SOAK - Read the passage slowly several times to become familiar with it.

HIGHLIGHT - Take note of words, phrases, or ideas that stick out to you or get highlighted as you soak in the passage.

ASK - Turn to God and ask, "What do you want to show me from this passage?"

PERSONALIZE - Write the passage out in your own words as if it was being spoken directly to you - make it personal.

EXPLAIN - Take something God has shown you from this passage and explain to someone what it means.


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