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Going Local in Antioch - Ethio Coffee House

In this post we want to highlight Ethio Coffee House. I’m proud for this to be the first local business that we tell you about because the owner has become a dear friend of mine. We have a mutual love for God and enjoy encouraging each other in his way. For over a year now I have visited Ethio Coffee at least once a week when possible. Their coffee is consistently excellent, they have delicious treats when you're hungry, and you will be greeted with kindness.

Shishigua and her husband established the Ethio Coffee House in the summer of 2013. She was raised by a family who owned and operated a small business like this. So, ever since she was a child, it has been her dream to run her own business. The exponential growth of the city, the flexibility of owning a small business, and the desire she has to serve the community led her to open a coffee shop of her own.

The thing Shishigua enjoys most about owning and running Ethio Coffee is that it gives her the opportunity to know people from all walks of life. She really enjoys meeting and serving people.

Her business is contributing to the local economy by creating jobs and paying its tax. They reinvest in the community in various ways and are in the process of opening a second business here in Antioch. They are an independent family-owned coffee shop. They wash and hand roast their coffee beans right in the shop and all of their pastries and foods are freshly made there.

A sambusa is a savory pastry with lentil filling.

Besides plenty of coffee and tea options, they also have smoothies, ice cream, and serve breakfast until 3 PM. My husband and I’s favorite breakfast item is the Special Ful which is a mixture of eggs, ground beans, onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, and spices served with hot rolls that you use to dip into the Ful. (They also have a vegan friendly version called Normal Ful.) They have a variety of cakes and pastries like sambusa, chornake, and bonbolino. I must say, the pastries are a must try! We love the sambusas and the chornake and bonbolinos are wonderful and unique treats.

Ethio Coffee House is located at 2131 Murfreesboro Pike between Nashboro Village and the airport. It's a great place to meet a friend over coffee, enjoy an Ethiopian breakfast, or just stop and grab something to carryout. They have indoor as well as outdoor seating options available. And if this lady is the one behind the counter, there's a good chance she's lifting you up to God in prayer while she's serving you. If you're rushed for time, get GrubHub to deliver right to your door.


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