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Part of living the Story of Jesus means finding a way to shape the patterns of our life around the patterns of his life. When we read the gospels, we see Jesus developing three kinds of relationships. For example, in Luke 6:12-19 we see Jesus spending time with the Father in prayer (UP). Then he forms a team of 12 disciples (IN). Then they go on mission together to practice and proclaim the kingdom of God (OUT). Using Jesus as our example, we organize our gatherings around developing those same three relationships:

UP: relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit

IN: relationships with people in Christ

OUT: relationships with people not yet in Christ

Practically speaking, this means we don't do the same thing every time we gather. We mix things up and explore ways of developing these three relationships in fresh and creative ways. For example, in the month of April the OneLife rhythm of life looked like this:

With Easter being in April, we had more OUT activities than usual. But we really enjoyed meeting new people, sharing our faith, and praying for people that we met. Most recently our OUT activities as a group consist of going to restaurants and blessing those waiting on us or those sitting close to us, as well as some door knocking in the local community to pray with people.

Our IN gatherings typically focus on creative ways to practice the "one another" passages in the New Testament. Sometimes we do something called SASHET where we check in with each other and share how we are doing. Sometimes we break up into twos or threes to encourage and pray for one another.

Our UP gatherings typically focus on connecting with the Father, Son, and Spirit through prayer, meditation, Scripture, and Spirit led singing and sharing.

Since we have been developing these three relationships for some time now, different people in the group voluntarily facilitate the different UP, IN, and OUT gatherings. This ensures people can shape the life of the group according the Spirit's leading and their gifting.

Those who hang out with us on a regular basis often say, "I love coming to this group because it's always different. You never know exactly what we're going to do. And it's always life giving." We like to create space for God to speak and move among us, and really value sharing a rhythm of life with others.

If you would like to hear more about our rhythm of life as a church, and how you can join us for one of our gatherings, click the contact us button below and we'll reach out to connect.

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