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The Armor of God

Have you ever seen a movie about a soldier who had armor on? They are normally covered from head to toe in different kinds of armor and weapons.

Today, soldiers don't wear the same kind of armor like the soldiers from the past. But let me ask you a question:

Have you ever put any armor on?

I don't mean physical armor. I mean like SPIRITUAL ARMOR - The Armor of God. Well, let me tell you, the armor of God is very powerful, mighty, sturdy, comforting, and protecting in many ways. Wearing this armor can feel like you can take on anything, or anyone, for that matter… spiritually speaking. Let’s take look at what each of these pieces are!

In the book of Ephesians 6:10-18 it says to…

  • Put on the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist. The truth of who Jesus Christ is or, in other words, the Gospel/ Good News.

  • Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness. Believing in Jesus and his righteousness that is firmly planted in us as believers.

  • Put on the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace. These help us be at peace with others and ourselves and with God as we live out our Christian life.

  • Take up the Shield of Faith. This shield can help us extinguish the fiery darts of the devil and others that try to come against us.

  • Put on the Helmet of Salvation. This is the assurance of our salvation in Jesus Christ and to protect us.

  • Take up and use the Sword of the Spirit. This is our offensive weapon against the enemy (devil) using the mighty and powerful Word of God to win battles and obtain victory in our lives.

If you would like to know more about how you can put this armor on so you can stand against the spiritual forces of darkness all around us, send us a message by clicking on the Contact button at the top of the page. We'd love to have a conversation with you about the ways you can do this.


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