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The Vision of OneLife

Everyone has a vision of the future - even if it's just an image of what things will be like next week, next month, or even next year. A vision of the future energizes us and keeps us motivated. It reminds us of not only what could be, but what will be.

God has given us a vision of a growing network of churches participating with God in the transformation of all things.

We see it clearly. Feel it deeply. And pursue it whole heartedly. God has anchored us here in Antioch, TN as the starting point, and we often point to the Antioch church in the book of Acts as an illustration of what it would look like for this vision to materialize and mature.

The Antioch church was a multi-ethnic church devoted to living in deep communion with God, radical community with one another, and Spirit led mission to all people. They recognized the ministry gifts in their body, and functioned as a hub for both local and trans-local ministries. (Acts 13:1-5)

These are some of the things God has given us a vision for, and we invite you to join us on this journey of participating with God in the transformation of all things.


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