• Tim Catchim

Going Local in Antioch

My wife and I have a special place in our heart for people who start a local business. We have both started local businesses in the past, so we know how much courage and hard work it takes to launch out and pursue your dreams. So anytime we meet the owner of a local business in the Antioch area, we always like to hear their story - where they come from, why they started the business, and how they have seen it add value to the local community. After all, local small businesses do more than just provide services or sell products. They create opportunities for employment, add value to the community, and have a vested interest in seeing the community flourish. Local small businesses can be a vital part of a community's well-being.

So far, in the two years we have been living in the Antioch area, we have met multiple local business owners. We have been inspired by their stories, and the quality of their leadership in both the business and the community. So we thought we would do a few posts on who these local business leaders are, their businesses, and why it matters. This is the first locally owned and operated business in Antioch TN we wanted to feature...

Ethio Coffee House

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